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The FPYC aptitude test reveals your talents, intelligences and abilities

Self-awareness, and then self-promotion, of your talents stands at the core of how you Future Proof Your Career. That's why the FPYC aptitude test is so important.

The FPYC aptitude test is an aptitude test with a difference. Unlike traditional aptitude tests, FPYC covers the full spectrum of human performance.

The most useful framework for an aptitude test is the theory of multiple intelligences developed by Dr Howard Gardner of Harvard University.

Gardner's approach to measuring intelligence moves away from the idea that there is a single, quantifiable measurement of intelligence, like the traditional IQ and aptitude tests.

Because intelligence can be exhibited in many ways, and covers the full spectrum of human performance, we need an aptitude test that reflects this reality.

The FPYC aptitude test provides this. Your aptitude test responses are processed to reveal your three dominant intelligences and six dominant abilities.

Have you ever done an aptitude test and felt that it didn't really produce a rounded picture of your capabilities? Chances are that it merely tested a narrow range of tasks associated with logical reasoning, and the ability to manipulate words and numbers.

The problem with this type of aptitude test is that it focuses on only a small subset of the full range of human intelligence.

The FPYC aptitude test is much more powerful! It's not about passing or failing, or coming up with a number that supposedly measures your intelligence. It's about creating a rounded picture of your strengths and weaknesses so you can identify the work that you were put on this earth to do!

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