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3. Your 6 dominant career abilities and 3 dominant career intelligences - again this provides clues to your most suitable career.

4. How you rate on the 6 key skills of the "Knowledge Age".

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Discover your FPYC Temperament Type by doing the FPYC career development test!

The FPYC career development test will - among other things - reveal your FPYC Temperament Type.

One of the keys to career success - especially in today's highly-competitive, ever-changing workplace - is that you find work that is more than just a job: you need to find work you love. One of the best ways is to use a career development test, like the FPYC career development test.

The last thing you want - in the highly competitive New World of Work - is to be stuck in a role that is not suited to your temperament. That's why a career development test can be so fundamental to your future career success.

If you get stuck in work that doesn't suit your temperament type, it's like using a tool for something that it's not designed for. Have you ever tried to use a knife when you couldn't find a screwdriver?

Firstly, it doesn't do a very good job, and secondly it ends up ruining the knife.

People are similar. When they do what they are not designed to do, they don't perform very well and eventually they break.

For example, someone who likes to work by themselves, and to a schedule, will find it very stressful working with others in a disorganized environment.

A career development test like Future Proof Your Career will identify the types of situations that you are best suited to.

How does the career development test reveal your temperament type?

Carefully worded questions in the FPYC career development test related to how you behave in certain situations reveal your temperament type.

There are sixteen main types and you will fit into one of these. Most people are amazed to see the insights that can be gained from completing a relatively short career development test.

Most career development tests focus on either temperament type, or interests and abilities. But the FPYC career development test includes not only insights into the types of work situations where you are most likely to excel, but also an analysis of your talents, weaknesses, key skills and learning preferences.

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