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"...2. Logical mathematic intelligence

You have a very healthy level of logical mathematical intelligence.

This intelligence is used in mathematics and the sciences, but it also has much more down to earth implications. It is the basis of all systematic inquiry and investigation. In the modern economy, we need to draw on this intelligence for much knowledge work.

This is good news for you, because it means you possess these basic ingredients of success in the modern era. The following sections of the chapter examine in more depth ability in the use of logic and scientific ability.

2a. Mathematical ability

You seem to be very confident with your mathematical abilities. You did very well at mathematics in school, and you are very good at computing numbers in your head.

This suggests that you are naturally drawn to thinking of things in terms of numbers and numerical categories.

A great deal of work in the new economy takes advantage of mathematics so there will be plenty of opportunities for you to put these abilities to work.

The obvious areas for someone with strong mathematical abilities like yourself are accounting and finance, and information technology.

But in actual fact the possibilities for you are endless. Almost all work situations in the knowledge age cry out for people with strong mathematical abilities.

Any work involving the use of sophisticated computer systems would be work that you would thrive on. Your strong abilities in this area also suggest you could even be one of the people who helps create these systems.

Alternatively there is a great deal of work interpreting the figures produced by computers which involves a good understanding of mathematical concepts.

2b. Ability in the use of logic

Your prowess in the use of logic seems to be reasonably good.

And just as well too, because the ability to use your brain power is becoming increasingly important.

Your reasonable level of confidence with logic suggests that you are quite comfortable applying your logical judgment and thinking to the work situations you face on a daily basis.

This is important because in the new economy you can't merely turn up to work and process the contents of your in-tray. You are no longer just a cog in a machine where all the thinking is done by someone else.

As a knowledge worker you often need to assess each individual situation, within the established framework and procedures, and apply your own reasoning to come up with the
best solution for your client.

Developing a reputation as someone who can think for yourself logically can be an important asset and is something you should highlight to potential employers.

You should also take advantage of any opportunities to develop your logical abilities. There are many good books on the subject of developing your logical, and other mental, abilities."

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