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"...1. Linguistic intelligence

You seem to have a high level of linguistic intelligence.

You can easily absorb information in a linguistic form and use this to communicate.

This obviously has very positive implications for your career because the ability to convince, explain and entertain with the use of the spoken and written word is one of the most soughtafter skills of the new economy.

We now examine this more closely by looking at your specific ability in the two areas which make up linguistic intelligence: verbal language and written language.

1a. Verbal language ability

Your verbal language abilities appear to be very strong. More specifically you seem to have a high degree of confidence when it comes to getting your point across convincingly, clearly explaining matters to others, and speaking in an entertaining manner.

The fact that you are confident in your ability to get your point across verbally bodes well for you as a worker in the 21st Century.

There's a saying that in the new economy everyone's a salesperson. So even if your career is not directly related to sales, this ability can be useful in furthering your own career progress as well as the interests of your employer.

Being able to clearly explain work related matters to colleagues and clients is important for many types of work in the new economy, so the fact that you are very confident with your ability in this area is a very good sign.

Whatever your field of work, these abilities are becoming more and more important and are core requirements for many positions.

Your high level of confidence with your ability to speak in an entertaining manner is probably a sign that you are effective at engaging other people in conversation and holding center stage in a group of people.

This is a very useful ability for many areas of work in the new economy, and can help to set you apart from others.

Your responses to the questionnaire suggest that you are not confident in your ability to
speak in public.

Speaking to a group of people is an important ability in the new economy so you should take some action to improve in this area."

Reference: Free career finder test

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