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"...7c. Caring and serving ability

You seem to be reasonably confident with your caring and serving abilities. You seem to be very confident at providing good customer service, and quite confident at helping, healing and caring for other people.

People, like you, who can provide excellent customer service are highly sought after in many areas of the new economy.

Being able to cater effectively to the individual needs of customers is one of the key success factors for companies these days.

You should look to use your ability with colleagues, as well as the end customer.

Whatever your area of expertise, make sure you emphasize this ability to potential employers.

You seem to have a certain level of ability for caring for, healing and helping others.

People with this ability are often drawn to working in areas such as healthcare, education and personal services.

But even if you are not directly involved in this type of work, your caring and healing abilities can still be an advantage.

Any capability you have for empathizing and sensing the unmet needs of others, can provide opportunities for your career."

Reference: Free career inventory test

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