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"...Why is it important to know your temperament type?

The last thing you want - in the demanding work environments of the knowledge age - is to be stuck in a role that is not suited to your temperament.

It’s like using a tool for something that it’s not designed for. Have you ever tried to use a knife when you couldn’t find a screwdriver?

Firstly, it doesn’t do a very good job, and secondly it ends up ruining the knife.

People are similar. When they do what they are not designed to do, they don’t perform very well and eventually they break. For example, someone who likes to work by themselves, and to a schedule, will find it very stressful working with others in a disorganized environment.

That’s why an understanding or your temperment type is another crucial pre-requisite to understanding your Authentic Direction.


Potential strengths: Energetic, spontaneous, practical, friendly, sense of humor, helpful, realistic, tolerant.

Potential limitations: Can get bogged down in the detail, would benefit from taking time out and thinking about the 'big picture".
What does the fact that you are an “ESFU” mean for your career?

You prefer to work in situations involving other people, rather than on your own. You are comfortable meeting and interacting with people, and you are at ease in a high energy environment.

You like to be involved in 'hands-on' work, where you look for solutions to problems that arise.

Your approach is generally to gather all the facts and then apply common sense practical solutions.

You like to get personally involved in the tasks at hand, working directly with customers out in the field rather than away from the action. You are comfortable in handling people, resolving conflict and easing tension in order that groups can work cooperatively together.

You are able to handle multiple projects or activities at the same time.

You like a work situation where there is lively fun and a minimum of rules, regulation and established procedures. In order to maximize your career prospects you would do well to reflect upon some of the reasons why the work place is changing, the nature of these changes and how they will impact upon your career.

You are an action oriented, 'hands on' person who is more often interested in being involved, than in the final product of your work. Freedom is precious for you and you are not comfortable in situations that are based on established rules and regulations.

You prefer to be free of responsibility and left to get on with 'the action'. You are inclined to want to keep your options open and you find planning and goal setting rather irksome.

You are likely to take your time over reaching decisions. This can be helpful if you need to absorb complex detail. However, sometimes you can agonize over decisions for too long.

At some point you will need to put your stake in the ground.

You tend to make decisions on the basis of how the outcome will affect others, but sometimes you have to put this aside and assess the situation from a more objective and logical standpoint."

Reference: Free career path assessment test

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