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Your free test results reveal:

1. Your top 3 "Fields of Work" selected from the official US Department of Labor careers database on the basis of your individual responses to the questionnaire.

2. Which one of the 16 career personality types you fit into and what types of work you are best suited to.

3. Your 6 dominant career abilities and 3 dominant career intelligences - again this provides clues to your most suitable career.

4. How you rate on the 6 key skills of the "Knowledge Age".

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Find your Authentic Direction (ie your life's purpose and ideal career) in 2 easy steps!

STEP 1: Complete the career test and get your FREE online career profile (use the box above to begin - see the panel on the left for what your profile will reveal!)

STEP2: Purchase your personalized copy of Authentic Direction: How to Find Your Life's Purpose and Ideal Career.

After you have read through your free online profile (which includes all the features outlined in the panel on the left), you can take things to the next level, by purchasing your personalized copy of Authentic Direction: How to Find Your Life's Purpose and Ideal Career.

Looking for a great career test or career quiz?

The Future Proof Your Career (FPYC) career test helps you find fulfilling work, and creates a personalized career strategy for you that works with the latest employment trends of the knowledge age.

The FPYC career test is no mere pop career quiz. It is designed using the latest psychometric knowledge and all content is approved by a PhD-qualified social scientist.

The career quiz is simple, fun, fast and free! The career test involves answering several pages of simple but carefully-constructed questions about yourself. Upon completion of the career quiz, you are taken directly to your free FPYC Personal Profile.

The career test consists of seven pages of simple questions, where you locate yourself on a one to 10 scale. It takes most people around 10-12 minutes to complete, although some do the career test much quicker and others prefer to take their time.

Your free FPYC Career Test results reveal the following information:
• Your FPYC temperament type
• Your three dominant intelligences
• Your six dominant abilities
• Your knowledge worker status
• Your proficiency in the six key Knowledge Age Skills

Why is the FPYC Career Test and Personal Profile free?

The FPYC Career Test is designed to provide you with valuable information that will help you move ahead with your career. On completion of the career quiz, you have access to a number of free career planning tools, including the FPYC Personal Profile, and a range of products that are available at very accessible prices, starting at only a few dollars.

The world's first personalized PDF e-book, Authentic Direction: How to Find Your Life's Purpose and Ideal Career - based on the results of the FPYC career test - is the jewel in our crown and is the ultimate career planning resource for the knowledge age.

The aim of the FPYC career test is to provide you with excellent free personalized career planning information, so the natural next step for you is to invest in one or more of our paid programs. But there's no obligation and we obviously have to prove ourselves first with valuable free information from the FPYC career test.

Grant Copeland of Timaru, New Zealand reflected the views of many readers regarding the FPYC career test when he wrote:
"At the age of 46 with your help, with the help of your career test it has finally become clear to me the type of work I should be doing. If only this career test was available 25 years ago!"

Why is the FPYC career test and the FPYC range of career planning tools different to, and better than, other career quiz and career search tools?

The FPYC career quiz is unique because it is a career test which has been created specifically for the workplace of the knowledge age.

More than any other program, our career test and career quiz provides you with a personalized career strategy that is working with, and not against, the latest employment trends.

These days things are changing so quickly, that unless your strategy is personalized and takes this highly dynamic environment into account, then you are vulnerable to the changes sweeping the job market. How many other career tests and career quizzes take this into account?

How can a career test and career quiz to help you decide what you want to do with your life?

You might not think that a career quiz or career test can really help you move forward with your career.

Discovering your true vocation is a journey of self-discovery and the information revealed by the right career quiz can help set you on the path.

The Future Proof Your Career test and career quiz is an excellent step in the right direction!

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Life's journey becomes remarkable when you find your "Authentic Direction"

The career test and your personalized results are just the beginning!

This is the first step in a process to find your Authentic Direction.

When your abilities, interests and temperament are aligned with your career and your life's purpose you are infused with an energy and motivation that drives you to new levels of contentment and achievement.

You can read more about the unique, personalized ebook: Authentic Direction: How to Find Your Life's Purpose and Ideal Career when you have completed the FPYC questionnaire.

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