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What does your free career test reveal?

Your free test results reveal:

1. Your top 3 "Fields of Work" selected on the basis of your test results from the official US Department of Labor careers database.

2. Which one of the 16 career personality types you fit into and what types of work you are best suited to.

3. Your 6 dominant career abilities and 3 dominant career intelligences - again this provides clues to your most suitable career.

4. How you rate on the 6 key skills of the "Knowledge Age".

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How to Find Your Life's Purpose and Ideal Career

The first step towards finding your Life's Purpose and Ideal Career is to complete the FPYC Questionnaire. Begin the questionnaire here:

Upon completion of the questionnaire you are taken instantly to your FREE Personal Career Profile, which provides many insights into the best career for you, and points the way forward to finding your Life's Purpose.

Your free profile includes:
  • an analysis of your temperament type and best careers for this temperament type;
  • your dominant abilities and intelligences;
  • your knowledge worker status;
  • your rating in the six key Knowlege Age Skills; and
  • your individual learning preference.

"Authentic Direction: How to Find Your Life's Purpose and Ideal Career" personalized ebook

If you are intent on finding the best career, or the perfect career for you, then you can go one step further and purchase your personalized copy of "Authentic Direction: How to Find Your Life's Purpose and Ideal Career".

This unique publication processes your responses to the FPYC questionnaire and creates personalized content. In the thousands of copies produced so far, no two copies of "Authentic Direction: How to Find Your Life's Purpose and Ideal Career" are the same because the possible combinations from the 84 questions are so vast.

With "Authentic Direction: How to Find Your Life's Purpose and Ideal Career", you end up with a truly individualized analysis and a proven tool for helping you uncover one of the keys to your success in life.

When you find your perfect career - or the best career for you as an individual - your life takes on a whole new richness. The first step to your perfect career is to complete the FPYC Questionnaire and get your FREE Personal Career Profile. You can begin the questionnaire here:

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