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"...Why is it important to know your temperament type?

The last thing you want - in the demanding work environments of the knowledge age - is to be stuck in a role that is not suited to your temperament.

It’s like using a tool for something that it’s not designed for. Have you ever tried to use a knife when you couldn’t find a screwdriver? Firstly, it doesn’t do a very good job, and secondly it ends up ruining the knife.

People are similar. When they do what they are not designed to do, they don’t perform very well and eventually they break. For example, someone who likes to work by themselves, and to a schedule, will find it very stressful working with others in a disorganized environment.

That’s why an understanding or your temperment type is another crucial pre-requisite to understanding your Authentic Direction.


Potential strengths: pragmatic, analytical, adventurous, honest, down to earth, thoughtful, adaptable, curious, quiet, straight up.

Potential limitations: can sometimes overlook the details and can sometimes find it hard to make decisions.

What does the fact that you are an “ISTU” mean for your career?

You tend to be a reflective and thoughtful person, rather than wanting highly charged activity with others, or high power events and activities. It is important for you to try and understand situations before charging into things. Your preference is for social interaction on a small scale: one on one or small groups.

You are a practical thinker who is able to make the best use of resources at your disposal.

You are adept at mastering skills and then using those skills in a practical and effective way.

You are comfortable with technical knowledge and at ease mastering the logical principles underlying the work you do.

You prefer a work environment that is flexible and free from rules, regulations and established procedures. You are able to work without supervision, but prefer not to supervise others, and to work spontaneously without needless routine and procedures."

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